Living in the city or on a busy road can be really difficult at times, but have you ever been so frustrated with people parking across your driveway that you bought two Smart cars just to park on each side? One man in Germany has in a brilliant, albeit extravagant way to save himself space around his driveway; talk about being a real smarty-pants. The ParkingZone is always looking for creative solutions to parking problems, so this is right up our alley! In the affluent Oberkassel neighborhood in Dusseldorf, one neighbor was extremely angry with street-parked cars leaving him a tight and difficult exit from his garage with his large, luxury SUV. According to the Google-translated RP Online article, even when cars parked legally on either side of the man’s driveway, he felt he still wanted more room to turn onto the roadway. The neighbor, seemingly didn’t want to downsize to another vehicle Logically, that left the man to purchase two Smart cars, and flank each side of his driveway in order to create extra room. While a truly creative and applaudable effort by the neighbor, The ParkingZone is sad to say it will not be regularly carrying any Smart cars for sale on our website, but we would be happy to help source you a pair of sub-compacts. However, you are more than likely to find the product you are looking for in the more than 1600 items available on our online store. If you have any questions, chat with us online or call us toll-free!  

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