It’s finally December and time for weekly Holiday deals! Hopefully you didn’t miss our Super Secret Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but if you missed them, then make sure to check back with us often to see what other deals are coming up from the ParkingZone! Our first week is going to run from the 3rd through the 9th, where we will be offering a special for ALL purchases of 4 GoJaks! With each full set of 4 GoJaks, we will include a FREE GoJak Rack! This rack allows for easy and organized storage when the racks are not in use, and its wheels allow for easy transportation to wherever they are needed next. The GoJak 6000 Series is the most versatile, durable, and strongest auto jack and dolly available. It can move all types of vehicles up to 6,300 pounds; that includes light duty trucks with up to 36 inch tall tires! That is some serious lifting strength! Steel rollers, wider and heavier duty axles and casters make for easy rolling, and dependability when dealing with heavier than average vehicles. With every order of four 6000-Series GoJaks, the ParkingZone is including a FREE GoJak rack! This $89.00 value allows for the storage and organization for up to four GoJaks. Caster wheels and a steel frame allow easy accessibility and transportation. Loading and unloading is accomplished in seconds! This is a great value and will keep your space clean, and decrease deployment time when they are needed! This deal is running this next week from December 3rd through the 9th, so take advantage of this fantastic, $89.00 deal! If you have any questions or would like help placing an order, chat with us online, or give us a call at our Toll-Free number! Happy Holidays!

1-800-292-PARK (7275)