Happy Holidays from The ParkingZone! Winter has come and snow is falling in parts across the country, so why not keep warm and prepared with these new holiday offerings and suggestions to keep you efficient and warm through the weather! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have experience dealing with all types of weather, especially rain, ice and snow. Our extensively knowledgeable staff has picked these amazing deals and suggestions, but can help you find anything you need for the holiday and winter season! foot_warmer_valet_booth_mat_3_itfw

Keep your feet warm in the cold weather with this heated foot pad! This 90 watt electric heating foot pad is perfect to keep chilly attendant booths warm and save money doing it. Plugging into a standard wall outlet, this foot warmer runs on 90 watts of electricity compared to 1500 for a standard space heater!


holiday kit photo

We are currently offering a bundled reflective safety kit while supplies last, perfect when it gets dark quickly in the winter! Whether it’s for attendants, or yourself while outside in the evening, this combination pack is perfect for many different scenarios. Included in the pack is an orange soft polyester reflective vest, a pair of reflective gloves, and a yellow safety wand. Perfect for a car trunk, or in a garage booth, supplies are limited so act quickly on this deal!


Check on out page leading up to Christmas for many different deals, including GoJaks, and our entire range of gate arms! The ParkingZone is happy to bring you these deals during the winter and holiday seasons, but will be out of the office following the Holiday weekend between the 26th and the 1st. We wish everyone a Happy Holidays and hope everyone has a safe winter!


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