Parking bollards and delineators help guide traffic through parking lots and streets, keeping vehicles and pedestrians moving, preventing accidents, and restricting access to blocked off locations. There are a variety of great products out there that do well for specific parking needs and situations, such as:
  • Steel pipe bollards for busy parking lots and storefronts where visibility and security are a must.
  • Removeable and collapsible bollards and delineators, such as the Gorilla Post System, are an excellent option where temporary traffic patterns are needed and where rapid, consistent deployment and versatility are important. Gorilla Posts are excellent for temporarily blocking off parking spots, used at festivals, block parties, and urban events.
  • Slow-stop and bendable bollards for loading bays and commercial parking lots, where administrators must direct foot and vehicle traffic safely.
  • Decorative bollard covers for parking lots, garages and other facilities where added visibility, and ornamental elegance is needed.
To learn more about how to find the right bollard or delineator for your specific needs, check out this infographic from ParkingZone, a leading supplier of bollards, delineators, and other parking lot equipment and supplies. Choosing the Perfect Parking Bollard Infographic
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