From concerts to county fairs, millions of Americans annually attend large-scale events. Music festivals alone attracted over 32 million people just last year. Guests of these events expect a certain level of organization and safety; therefore, throwing a major event includes careful consideration of every possible detail, and parking is no exception. Creating a convenient, hassle-free parking strategy plays an important role in determining the level of enjoyment event visitors will experience. Without a concrete traffic plan, order can quickly dissolve into chaos. The last things event managers need are dissatisfied customers which can cause profit losses, or cause accidents stemming from poor pedestrian and vehicle traffic planning. Did you know that an estimated 14% of traffic accidents occur in parking lots? This number reflects the importance of devising a system that keeps everyone safe and happy. A well-regulated pedestrian and traffic system includes the right equipment, such as signs, cones, and barriers, making parking a breeze for anyone entering or exiting the event lot. Check out the infographic below for more information on what it takes to manage a parking system that works. How and Why to Create a Smooth Traffic Plan
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