Get Professional Looking Labels For your Unattended Amano Overture Pay Stations.

Designed solely to work on Amano’s Overture System machinery, our specially crafted labels help your customers understand how to pay for their parking and minimize inquires when a customer pushes the wrong button.

The need for these custom labels came about when DGM Systems started installing the Amano Overture Pay Stations at several parking facilities across the Pacific Northwest.  There was a significant increase in intercom calls with customers needing assistance, particularly at the exit stations.

DGM Systems install and configure parking and revenue control systems and is a division of Pacific Cascade Corporation (PCC). Mike Hershberger, DGM vice president of operations, worked with J.S. Collard Design, to design and produce custom labels that can work on multiple configurations of the Overture Pay Stations.

ParkingZone’s exclusive labels for Amano’s Overture Pay Stations can be customized for individual parking operations.

Because Amano’s Overture Pay Stations arrive with minimal instructions, that can cause confusion for your customers.  Easily provide your clientele the know how to operate your unattended entrance and exit stations at your parking facility.  Eliminate the frustration of patrons not understanding how to operate the station or finding out your facility does not accept cash until the exit point.

These labels will increase your traffic ingress and rapid egress for your facility and provide a better experience for your customers.

Label configuration for an Overture Entry & Exit Station

The Amano Overture System Labels have additional blank strips so you can cover up any credit cards you don’t accept, further modifying the labels to your specific needs.  Printed on hi-tack adhesive vinyl with clear UV lamination for protection and easy cleaning, these labels will make your entry and exit stations user-friendly for your customers and reduce operational costs.

After the labels were installed on the existing Overture Pay Stations, the number of assistance calls dropped as well as customer complaints.  Mark Curtis, president of PCC, was pleased with the results, “these labels can immediately communicate the function of every button or prompt actions needed to enter and exit a parking facility while reducing the operational cost of the intercom assistance calls”.

With the popularity of the Amano’s Overture Pay Stations, and the successful results after DGM installed the custom labels, Curtis decided to offer the exclusive Overture labels on the ParkingZone, an on-line parking supply resource, and also another division of PCC.

Take the hassle out of getting customized labels for your Amano Overture entry and exit stations, and enjoy the convenience of easy online ordering on (SKU# JSOVLBL).

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