At the ParkingZone, we’re very concerned about the environment in which we live. The issues of sustainability and ecological concerns at home and work are steadily growing. Demand for products and services designed to be less harmful to the environment, and to consumers, while adhering to ethical manufacturing practices has increased.

The ParkingZone has teamed up with Biokleen, who’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Vancouver, Washington, to bring the parking industry a safe, non-toxic option for their cleaning and maintenance needs.

In the 1980s, there was little awareness about the negative health and environmental impacts of toxin-rich cleaners, Jim Rimer, a sales executive for a chemical supply company, felt that something wasn’t right. Jim grew distressed by the detrimental side effects he witnessed among customers, workers, and colleagues, from skin rashes to respiratory disease and more. So when his efforts to implement educational and safety practices on the use of those hazardous products led to his firing, he swore to find a natural, non-toxic, effective alternatives, and Biokleen was born.

The amazing Biokleen formulas get superior cleaning power without artificial fragrance or colors, acids or caustics. Natural ingredient formulas leave no harsh residues or fumes behind. Additionally the all-natural cleaners can eliminate terrible odors and leave refreshing scents of citrus and botanicals.

Each cleaning solution or concentrate contains NO Phosphate, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, butyl, glycol ether, SLES, EDTA, EPA priority pollutants with no materials listed by the ACGIH as hazardous.

Biokleen employs green manufacturing technologies and practices to help minimize greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation, and non-renewable or toxic materials without exposing manufacturing workers to the harmful side effects caused by the toxic ingredients found in most other cleaning supplies.

Currently, the ParkingZone carries four of Biokleens products designed to be used in both the home and at work.


Naturally clean, shine and deodorize your floors with our unique and synergistic blend of live enzyme-producing cultures, citrus extracts and orange oil. Goes directly after the sources that cause build up: dirt, oils, grease and food particles. Leaves no sticky residue or harsh fumes.

  • A unique blend of live enzyme-producing cultures, citrus extracts and orange oil
  • Cleans, shines, and deodorizes any water-safe floor
  • No harsh fumes or residue
  • No artificial fragrance or colors


Our streak-free formula, with the cleaning power of vinegar and plant-based soil lifters, easily dissolves dirt, pollution, smoke and grease from shiny, hard surfaces. Naturally clean and clear!

  • Dries streak-free
  • Cleaning power of vinegar and plant-based surfactants
  • Preferred by professional window washers
  • No artificial fragrance or colors


Experience the cleaning power of citrus and grapefruit seed extract to clean and degrease dirt and grime in and around your home. Leaves no harsh residues or fumes behind and is gentle enough for most surfaces. 3X Concentrated- just dilute with water and clean.

  • Super concentrated, just one ounce per gallon of water
  • Grapefruit seed & orange essence cleaning power
  • Great for any cleaning and degreasing job in and around the home
  • No artificial fragrance or colors


 A powerful solvent without the toxins. Cleans, degreases and dissolves with extracts of soy and citrus. Great for gum, wax, paint, adhesives, tar, garages, BBQs and more. Discover the cleaning power of Soy!

  • Soy & Citrus Cleaning Power
  • Dissolves gum, wax, paint, adhesives, and tar
  • No acids or caustics
  • No artificial fragrance or colors

Learn more about Biokleen’s story.

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