Summer is right around the corner, and that means outdoor event preparations are in full swing.  From County Fairs to Arts & Music Festivals and everything in between, the crowds will be flocking to these outdoor venues.  Each event will have unique challenges to ensure public and employee safety, while providing an enjoyable experience to attendees.


Nothing can ruin a fun and enjoyable day at an event faster than endlessly sitting in the parking lot at the close of the day waiting to exit.  Frustrated in gridlock, delayed with drivers try to figure out how to find the exit while avoiding pedestrians who are trying to navigate to their autos.

Safety Vest or Event Parking vests with Reflective Stripes gives your employees increased visibility and an added layer of safety that stands out in traffic with high clarity from dusk on. Safety GloGlove® with reflective rectangles and stop sign give your night time parking employees visibility from more than a quarter mile away.  Add a traffic safety wand and your lot attendants can easily be seen and instruct drives where to proceed.  Greatly decreasing exit times.

Parking lots come in all sizes and many surface types.  Gravel and grass lots can be problematic since they are difficult to indicate traffic patterns and individual parking spaces.  Barricades and Traffic Cones can effectively work on all surfaces.  Most delineators work great on hard surfaces, but become ineffective on grass and gravel lots.  There are weighted delineators and signpost or you could use the Drivable Soil Mount Gorilla Post that will flex upon impact and returns to a standing position minimizing damage to the delineator as well as the vehicle.  You can place the anchor, attach a signpost, afterwards remove the signpost and leave the anchor for later use.


Stanchion Kits with plastic chains are great for establishing pedestrian pathways.  While a Connect-ALL is made with from flexible material that will fit around ANY shaped bollard, pole, or post. Each Connect-ALL has two slide hooks that can be positioned 180 degrees apart to form a straight chain line, 90 degrees apart to create a corner or any configuration that might work for your situation.

Providing an enjoyable experience to attendees for your event begins the moment they enter your parking lot to when they leave.  Maintaining a convenient and safe environment for your employees and your customers will determine if they will come again next year.

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