Greet your customers with holiday cheer, market your company, or deliver cautionary messages with these Bollard Sox slip covers.

ParkingZone has added a new line of exclusively designed Bollard Sox for our customers.  Created to slip over your existing bollards and bollard covers, this is an easy way to bring a little joy to your customers, celebrate the season or convey information.

Made from a unique blend of nylon and polyester fabrics, this specialized blend ensures a nice, secure fit and is more durable than the competition.  It’s 100% recyclable, 100% sustainable, machine washable, and you can install it in seconds! Available in singles or your choice of three different pack series: Holiday, Business or School.

Holiday Pack includes:

Valentine’s Day – Flag – Halloween - Snowflake

Business Pack includes:

Watch for Ice – Caution – No Parking – Loading Zone

Back to School Pack includes:

Student Drop Off - No Parking - Caution Pedestrians


Bollard Sox are a great way to utilize valuable marketing space and further promote the “personality” of your business and differentiate your organization from all others. “Finding novel ways to market your business shows your potential customers you are innovative,” explained J. Scott Collard, Marketing & Graphics Director for Pacific Cascade Corporation (PCC) and the parent company of the ParkingZone and the Gorilla Post delineator system. “If you’re looking for a little extra organizational branding or a whimsical greeting, Bollard Sox can boost the appeal of your business brand,” Collard added, “and it helps boost your apparent quality perception in your market.”

The ParkingZone has Acrobat PDF and Illustrator (AI) templates available to help you produce your very own custom designed Bollard Sox.  They can be simple message graphics, to company logos, special events, and complex graphic layouts.  PRO HINT: Try to make sure your graphics will match up on the seam.  Your art will become cylindrical and not 2-D.

If you don’t have access to a graphic designer, contact your customer service representative at the ParkingZone.  You can work with us on developing whatever layout you want, and we’ll produce the Bollard Sox for you.  Either way, you’ll get your “business personality” out there.

Our Bollard Sox fit typical industry standard bollards and bollard covers, available in two sizes: 4.5" diameter or 7" diameter for a bollard up to 52" length. If your bollard is shorter, you can just tuck it in at the bottom

The ParkingZone is proud to supply the parking industry with the best products available. Call us at 1-800-292-7275, chat with us from our website, or message us online if you have any questions about your needs and challenges. We are available from 8am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.

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