The first thing that most people typically see about your business is your parking facility. The most important reason to maintain your commercial parking lot is that your business depends on it. The moment people set foot onto your property, they should get the impression that you care about your business, the well-being and safety of your customers, and about how your company is perceived by others.

“Look at your parking lot. If it were the only thing that people knew about your business, what would it communicate?”

The cleaner and smoother your parking lot is, the more appealing it is to customers. Customers will be influenced by the attention or lack of how easy it is to navigate the exterior of your business is with clearly displayed signage and clearly visible lines for parking their vehicles. In addition, making your customers feel welcome and safe while using your property.

Snow Plow Damage on Surface Parking Lots

Living in almost anywhere snow can accumulate, your snow removal solution should be fast and effective. This is especially important for businesses as snow piling on roadways, sidewalks, and parking lots mean lost revenues as customers are unable to access your business. However, there can be negative implications including liabilities arising from snow removal and safety concerns. The use of snow plows, in particular, may cause damage to sidewalks, roadways and parking lots.

Parking lot owners can also be proactive and take steps towards preventing damage to surface lots during the winter and from snow plowing.

  • Filling and sealing any cracks before the winter starts. Prevent water from penetrating the surface which freezes and expands making concrete and asphalt more susceptible to potholes.
  • Place visible markers at curbs and parking stops to protect sidewalks and driveways.
  • Choose your De-Icer carefully. Some agents such as rock salt can damage cement and asphalt.
  • Snow plows scraping action can strip off pavement sealer by a blade set too low. Reapplying sealer may be necessary once snow and ice are clear.

Early Pot Hole Detection Saves Money

The earlier you notice pothole formation (minor cracks in your pavement), the easier and less expensive they are to repair. Water penetrates the surface through cracks and potholes causing erosion, which weakens the internal structure. Left unchecked, those damages will inevitably lead to costly repairs that unfortunately can’t be ignored. So making the necessary repairs to your parking lot as soon as possible rather than ignoring the damages, letting them get worse over time, you can save yourself a lot of money and aggravation.

Limit Your Liability

If people suffer injuries on your commercial property or vehicles are damaged due to your negligence, it could result in serious financial, legal repercussions for your business. The owners and managers of parking areas and garages, have a duty to ensure that their property is maintained in a reasonably safe condition for their parking lot customers and visitors. Trip hazards are can be very dangerous. Concrete Parking Stops can effectively stop cars from encroaching on walkways creating hazards for pedestrians. But a failing concrete wheel stop can go from a safety precaution to a dangerous trip hazard.

Boost Curb Appeal With Green Cleaning

Maintaining your parking lots infrastructure isn’t the only ingredient to proper upkeep. Esthetics plays a major role as well. Keeping your parking facility clear of offensive graffiti and unsightly stains help complete a formula for a safe, and welcoming environment.

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