75% of Credit Card Reader failures are due to dirty terminals, it’s important to keep the terminals free of dirt, dust, and oils introduced from the environment and normal use.  A working credit card terminal results in a successful sale and a hassle-free transaction.

Cleaning cards are used for the purposes of preventing expensive maintenance and replacement costs of credit card terminals, while ensuring overall efficiency and reliability eliminating or minimizing failed transactions, that result in frustrated and unsatisfied customers.

The ParkingZone sells terminal and bill acceptor cleaning cards that use Waffletechnology®, these cleaning cards incorporate flexible, raised platforms on their top and bottom surfaces. These cleaning platforms are essentially spring-loaded, significantly increasing the pressure applied to the internal components as the card passes through the mechanism. The platforms actually spring up into surface cavities to clean recessed sensors, and the leading and trailing surfaces of rounded optical lenses are effectively cleaned and not just the tip of the optical reader.


Card readers can be found in a number of varieties, including EMV smart card (chip and pin) readers, POS credit and debit card readers, ATM card readers, mobile payment solutions and access control/hotel door locks

When to Clean

It’s recommended to clean your Card Reader once a week. Clean more frequently after periods of high usage or in areas prone to an abundance of grease, food particles, dust and grime. Failure to clean frequently can cause system failure, device downtime, and customer frustration.

Dirty Device Symptoms:

Card rejection

•  Reader error

•  Repeated inserts/swipes

•  High failure rates

By not cleaning, you risk increased:

•  Embarrassing equipment malfunctions

•  Slower transactions and long lines that will frustrate your customers

•  Higher transaction fees and potential fraud due to manual entries

•  Decreasing employee efficiency

•  Increased costs associated with equipment service or exchange

•  Making a poor first impression with dirty equipment


Bill acceptors accept and validate paper currency using optical lenses and magnetic sensors. Bill acceptors can be found in a variety of models such as banknote acceptors, payment kiosks, self-checkouts, bill validators, vending machines, slot machines, safes, ATM deposits, and counterfeit detectors.

Cleaning dollar bill acceptor machines keeps transactions running smoothly, reduces costs for replacing parts and equipment, lessens hidden costs of service, and reduces people walking away from your machines and lost profit. The cleaning cards enter the machine and cleans the optical lenses and other critical components. Use these products once per week to maintain the highest operational efficiency of your machines.

By not cleaning, you risk increased:

•  Hidden costs of service

•  Costs due to equipment replacement, and parts and service expenses

•  Manpower associated with "broken" equipment

•  Annoyed clients due to "broken" equipment


Most manufacturers recommend that the print head of the thermal printer be cleaned often, removing carbon buildup and ribbon dust that may collect over time. Regular cleanings will prevent you from having to replace the thermal printer head, which is the most expensive replacement part on a thermal printer.

Print-head cleaning pens are a great option for simple touch ups. To use, press the pen tip to the print-head and move from side to side. If possible, use the cleaning pen on the rollers too. Your cleaning pen may be good for approximately 10 uses, or until it shows sign of dirt buildup. Regular cleaning will ensure that you continue to receive consistently excellent printing results while also preserving your print-head from premature failure.


The ParkingZone has developed a Monthly Maintenance Package to help you schedule timely tune-ups of your revenue collecting equipment and keep them at top running efficiency.

This Monthly Maintenance Package makes it very convenient to quickly collect all the supplies you need from one package to maintain your credit card terminals, thermal printers, bill acceptors and record the last cleaning.

Monthly Maintenance Package - SKU MCLKIT Includes:

•  4 qty Weekly Maintenance Cleaning Kits - SKU# WCLKIT

            •  1 qty Waffletechnology Bill Cleaning Card

            •  1 qty Waffletechnology Card Cleaning Card

            •  2 qty Cleaning Swab

            •  1 qty Waffletechnolgy EMV Cleaning Card

            •  5 qty EZ Wipe

•  1 qty Non-latex Gloves

•  1 qty Cleaning Schedule Cling Sticker

•  1 qty Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen

•  1 qty Can Condensed Air

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