ParkingZone introduces custom sign panels to assist in brand management.

Branding is one of the most important elements for any business. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.  A strong brand begins with a thoughtfully executed and implemented visual identity.

Of course, brands are not made overnight. The relationship your identity creates with your audience is the result of thorough and consistent application. Consistency establishes familiarity – providing your audience with a comfortable reference point for hearing your message.

Your logo and brand is your business’s Intellectual Capital.  It is a company asset.  Like most assets you need to safeguard it, but most importantly, you must put it to work.

Generic or stock signs can convey your message, but creating a custom sign, one that uses your logo and corporate colors, will deliver a consistent message and boost the perceived quality of your business.


Whether an organization is well established or just starting out, the first and most important step in visually building a brand is that you must communicate it consistently. The components of visual identity (logo, color palette, typefaces and graphic elements) are the basic visual building blocks of brand shaping.  Each element helps identify and differentiate your organization. When applied consistently, a well-executed identity will do more than identify, it will become synonymous with the values, mission and voice of your organization.

“For all of your media, you need to be consistent in every way.  Your business cards and stationary, your online presence, your signage, everything needs to be in unity with every channel your target market has access to,” explained J. Scott Collard, Marketing & Graphics Director for Pacific Cascade Corporation (PCC) and the parent company of the ParkingZone.  “It’s imperative that all of your marketing materials have a cohesive look so they can be easily recognizable and associated to your brand,” Collard added, “and it helps boost the apparent quality of your business.”


Eli Cronbaugh, PCC Customer Service & Sales Representative, has worked with their clients to determine what challenges need to be solved for their clientele.  “These sign panels are ideal for any valet operation or parking garage that requires temporary or additional traffic directing,” he said.  “Our customers can choose from in-stock panels, have us work with them on the message, or they can design their own with their colors and logo, then upload a PDF to us.” stated Cronbaugh.

ParkingZone has an extensive line of messaging signs and panels, that can be customized to deliver a consistent visual identity to your brand.

Call us at 1-800-292-7275 ext. 201 or message us online if you have any questions about custom sign panels.  We are available from 8am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.