Reflective Traffic Markers

Available in:

  • One Way Clear Reflective
  • Two Way Clear Reflective
  • One Way Amber Reflective
  • Two Way Amber Reflective
  • Two Way Red and White Reflective
  • Two Way Red Reflective

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These Reflective Traffic Markers, available in One Way Clear Reflective, Two Way Red and White Reflective, Two Way Amber Reflective and Two Way Red Reflective, have been improving American highway safety for over 25 years. Use these raised road markers to signal hazardous curves or any changes on the road ahead.

Pavement Markers have a strong outer shell, rounded corners and an optimized angled lens for maximum visibility. Used for highways, winding driveways, quiet roads, highway warnings or road and delineator markings.

The markers are made of durable, lightweight thermoplastic and can be applied to asphalt and concrete road surfaces in non-snowplow regions. Flat bottom can be attached with epoxy, butyl pads or melted bituminous.

Each marker measures 4 inches x 4 inches square.

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Ask a Question

  • What is melted bituminois?
    Question by: admin on 2018-02-12 06:50:16

    Also known as melted asphalt, it's something that is similar to our Bundy Pad, Adhesive Pad or Thermo Pad. Some you would use a torch to heat them until the melting point and then would attach the traffic marker. Once cooled, it is stuck down to the road.

    Answer by: on 2018-02-12 12:50:16