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  1. Valet Umbrella


    Your choice of Black, Red or White, with or without VALET lettering.

    When the Umbrella is open, it measures is 6 ft. D x 87 in. tall.

    The pole measures 1-1/2" D.


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  2. Protect your podium

    Measures 18'' D x 16'' W x 40'' H


  3. Keep Your Podium Clean in Storage

    Measures 30'' D x 20'' W x 44'' H


  4. Kangaroo Pouch


    Protect those expensive keys and remotes
    Available in packs of 12


  5. Increase visibility during evening operations


  6. Durable and adjustable


  7. Secures majority of standard ignition keys


    This is the lock only, Master Key sold separately (KVMK)


  8. Accommodates Mercedes keys and any key similar to the Mercedes


    This is the lock only, Master Key sold separately (KVMK)


  9. Operates both the standard and Mercedes style key locks


  10. Valet Key Fob Disabler


    Disables the signal for all style FOB keys and remotes