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Barricades & Delineators

If you’re holding a special event where you’re expecting loads of pedestrian or vehicle traffic, you can save yourself and your guests a lot of trouble by clearly marking the flow of pedestrian and traffic patterns. But how can you do this in a cost-effective manner? The ParkingZone’s collection of temporary parking delineators and pedestrian barricades provides the perfect solution.


Our inventory of parking supplies includes a range of colorful delineators that are easy to set up and put away. When you need a reliable solution for directing foot traffic, please consider our wall wedge barricades and crowd control barriers. ADA-compliant parking lot products are available. Explore the parking products below for more information.


Didn't find what you are looking for? Check out our Gorilla Post or permanent delineators.

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  1. Sold in packs of 6
    Measures 45 inches tall
    Comes with a 12.8 lb base
    Choose from Black, White or Glow in the Dark
    Prices start at $150.00


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  2. Post with base available in a 6 pack or if your need the  post only it is now available in an 8 pack (choose in base selection below).


    Choose from 5 colors of posts:

    • Blue
    • Green
    • Orange
    • White
    • Yellow

    And 2 base weights:

    • 10 pound bases
    • 15 pound bases

    Prices start at $195.60 for post with 10 lb base

    Price for 8 pack post only $ 174.00



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  3. Prices start at $9.00
    Your choice of weight:

    • 8 lb.
    • 10 lb.
    • 12 lb.
    • 18 lb.

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  4. Includes a comfort grip!
    Reflective Striping options available


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  5. Wall Wedge Barricade
    Available in White or Orange


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  6. Made from low-density polyethylene


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  7. Gemstone Vertical Barricade Base available in 20 lb or 30 lb weights


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  8. Comes with two 3 inch stripes of Silver Reflective and a12 lb base!


  9. The handle makes it easy to move!


  10. They handle and stack for easy transport!