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Parking Spot Protection

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  1. Door Guard


    Looking for a way to protect cars in your Valet lot, Parking Lot or Car Dealership? We have the answer. Introducing the Door Guard! This versatile product can be used on any type of vehicle and because of the symmetrical design, you can use it on the driver’s side door(s) or passenger’s side door(s). 

    The silicone tape holds  Door Guard firmly in place during test drives and car washes and leaves no residue when removed.  If you choose to use these without the silicone tape, you could easily remove it prior to use.  This also allows a possibility of reuse if you have a busy Valet Lot or Parking Garage.   


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  2. A great way to block off your parking spot!
    Installation is simple and quick – no digging or site preparation is required!


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  3. An easy way to ensure your spot stays your spot!

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