Immobilizer Notice Tags

250 Tags with ties

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Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to immbolize a vehicle with a Wheel Boot rather than calling a tow truck? Well, with our fluorescent orange Immobilization Notices, you can easily catch their attention! These notices say:

Immobilization Notice

Do Not Attempt to Move This Car!

This Car is Immobilized.

Date:             Time:


Color:            License:

Reason for Immobilizing:

To Obtain Release (bring this notice with you):

Management not responsible for damage to
car or property of any kind.
This car has been immobilized rather than towing it
away, thus saving time and expense.
Please obey our traffic and parking regulations.

This car immbolized by:

Each box you receive will have 10 pads of 25 notices with ties = 250 Tags.

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