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Delineators are excellent tools for traffic control when directing vehicles through your parking lot or structure. Guiding the flow of traffic allows you to maintain high levels of safety and efficiency, especially when managing parking for large spaces and events. Whether you need a temporary delineator that can be easily moved or a more permanent solution, ParkingZone has you covered.

A temporary delineator solution is great for outdoor venues and events because they can be quickly deployed then removed when needed. Removable delineators can be arranged in the best configuration for your location to help manage the flow of vehicles and pedestrians. Delineators can be attached to a quick-release base, or a fixed base. In addition, you may find the patterned Gorilla Post magnetic base delineator is better for your needs. It can be temporarily deployed, in the exact same configuration, by one person quickly and is uncoupled with a specially-designed removal tool.


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