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  1. To help break the magnetic bond!


  2. A mini version of the Gorilla Post Puller!


  3. Universal Portable Base for 2-1/3”, 4” and 7” Gorilla Quick Release Post or Bollard


    One Base’s portable design and ergonomic carrying handle make it ideal for situations where rapid deployment of temporary signage is needed such as a construction worksite. One Base is easily transported and perfect for temporary applications, weighing only 36 lbs. These durable bases can be used with any of the Gorilla Post Quick Release products for installation in less than 5 seconds.


  4.  * Please note the the strobe is only available to fit the White, Yellow and Orange Posts


    Purchase for field-upgrade by ordering the strobe connected to a replacement tube for $79. Indicate tube color and color of reflective stripes, if any.


    Field-upgrade is as easy as removing 4 screws at bottom of tube sleeve. Remove sleeve from spring, slide new sleeve with strobe onto spring lining up holes. Insert 4 screws.


  5. For concrete surface applications


  6. For your Asphalt applications


  7. Available in our Standard 10 Bollard Colors


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  8. Reusable and 360° adjustable to mount signs in any direction
    Set of 2 includes all fastener hardware for single sided signs


  9. Manufactured from extruded aluminum, making it extremely strong yet flexible enough to increase clamping pressure.

    Set of 2 includes all fastener hardware


  10. It can transform your 2 1/3" Gorilla Post into a chain post!