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Bollards are integral for parking lots and other areas where pedestrians and vehicles are in close proximity. Parking bollards are larger and more visible than delineators and are used to direct vehicles from driving onto sidewalks and causing damage to people and buildings. Additionally, parking bollards can be used to alert drivers of hazards or other obstacles, such as pay stations, curbs and stairwells in your parking lot or structure. When you are in need of bollards for your lot, ParkingZone has the perfect solution.

Parking lot bollards come in a variety of types, which allows you to install the ones that will work best for your parking and traffic situation. Whether they are removable with a magnetic base, have a fixed, more permanent base or come with a quick-release mechanism, bollards are essential for the safety and security of your lot. Browse our selection of parking bollards for concrete or asphalt surfaced lots and choose from the many colors that will complement your parking facility. Click through to learn more about each product or contact a representative to discuss your business’s needs for parking lot bollards today!

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