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Traffic Cone Signs

Typically, the purpose of a Traffic Cone is to alert drivers of a work zone or potentially hazardous situation. With the addition of an attachable sign, you can direct traffic more effectively. Manufactured from recycled plastics, the Traffic Cone Signs are easy to install, durable and can be used in all weather.
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  1. Prices start at $20.00
    Increase your sign visibility
    Stop measures 12.75'' W x 10.5'' H with the red being reflective
    Crossing Guard and School Crosswalk are reflective on both sides and measure 12'' W x 13.25'' H


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  2. Used by over 2,900 cities and utility companies
    4 styles to choose from
    Measures 12'' W x 13.25'' H


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  3. Proven Effective - Improves Safety - Reduces Liability
    41 different styles to choose from
    Each sign measures 12.75'' W x 10.5'' H


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