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A great way to Increase traffic inside your parking facility or store is to have promotional signage displays outside. Wind-Resistant Signs, A-Frame Signs, Curb Signs, Sandwich Boards, Rolling Base Signs, Sidewalk Signs, Snap Frame Signs, Slide-In Frame Signs, Pavement Signs – find them all right here.
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  1. For that elegant solution
    Available in your choice of red, green or black


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  2. Available in 78'' or 102''
    Prices start at $245.00
    Watch the video that tests it's strength!


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  3. SmartLEDlight pack with rechargeable Lithium ion batteries. Charge battery pack lasts 'about 12 hours' on a single charge ..

  4. Available in 3 sizes and styles. Sizing and prices are:

    • 6', 2 piece $75.00
    • 72'' W x 8' L - Federal Spec. - $135.00
    • 36'' W x 12' L - Penn DOT Spec. - $155.00

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  5. Available in 3 sizes and styles
    Sizes and pricing are:

    • 6', 2 piece - $75.00
    • 38'' W x 9.5' L - Federal Spec - $125.00
    • 20'' W x 12' L - Penn DOT Spec - $135.00

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  6.  Parking Lot, Parking Ramps, Hotel Circles, Valet Lanes 

    The CAR COMING Sign is a self contained system that warns pedestrians that vehicle is about to exit a parking garage or other blind spot. When a vehicle is detected, the CAR COMING Parking Garage Exit Light SIGN activates a Visual Flashing Alert and a Voice Message stating "Attention, vehicles exiting. Watch for vehicles." The alert system works to warn distracted pedestrians and drivers of a vehicle exiting the garage.

    If you are concerned about the sounder at night because of nearby residents then we can put in a timer board to cut the audio at certain times. (For example 10 pm to 7 am.) 


    Also available CAR sign small profile needs.



  7. Additional Options:

    • 2' x 4' Customizable Sign
    • Custom Mascot by Design - Please call for quote

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  8. Available in Black, Yellow or Blue
    Fill the base with sand or water and it can withstand 30-40 mph winds
    Grip, Tip and lifting or carrying
    Quick assembly - less than 60 seconds!

  9. Available in 84'' or 96'' heights.

    Choose from:
    Red with White stripe
    Blue with White stripe
    Green with White stripe


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  10. Your choice of Concrete or Asphalt mounting options


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