180-degree Convex Mirror

Prices start at $28.50
Choose from the Available Sizes & Styles:

  • 12-inch Indoor
  • 18-inch Indoor, Outdoor or Polycarbonate
  • 26-inch Indoor or Outdoor
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The 180-degree, Convex Mirror is a proven way to reduce collisions, accidents and theft. Simply mount the shatterproof convex mirror wherever visibility is compromised.

Available Sizes:

  • 12-inch Indoor $28.50
  • 18-inch Indoor $45.50 Outdoor $72.00 Polycarbonate $85.00
  • 26-inch Indoor $78.50 Outdoor $120.00

This mirror meets OSHA requirements.Easy installation with adjustable mounting brackets and hardware included. Features a tempered paint fiberboard backing.

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