Pump Handle Credit Card Imprinter

Helps protect merchant revenues in power losses!

1 Week

The Merchant Plate Pump Handle Credit Card Imprinter can help protect your merchant revenues when you lose power or phone connections!

You can lose out if you cannot show proof and date the credit card was present for the transaction. Imprint crisp and clear credit card transactions on any type of paper with this unit's integrated ink roller. You can make imprints of credit cards on invoices, imprinter slips and the back of thermal receipts!

Any size or type of form can be used to create your impressions for quick, easy and clear processing of a large volume of merchant transactions.

This imprinter measures 11.20 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches high.

This durable, aluminum, two tone gray, 3 75 pound unit accepts CR50 and CR80 size credit cards.

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