Gorilla Post Field-Upgrade Solar Strobe Light

 * Please note the the strobe is only available to fit the White, Yellow and Orange Posts


Purchase for field-upgrade by ordering the strobe connected to a replacement tube for $79. Indicate tube color and color of reflective stripes, if any.


Field-upgrade is as easy as removing 4 screws at bottom of tube sleeve. Remove sleeve from spring, slide new sleeve with strobe onto spring lining up holes. Insert 4 screws.

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The “GPStrobe”  is a revolutionary improvement over passively-lit reflective tape which only activates upon reflecting vehicular headlights. GPStrobe is mounted to the top of the 2 1/3” diameter post where the strobe makes its own light which is visible up to 1000 feet. The three mode strobe has a selector button so can be set to flash 50 times per minute, stay on or stay off. The waterproof strobe operates dusk to dawn. Operates for 60 hours with a full charge. Full charge achieved via 10 hours direct sunlight.

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