Citrus Soy Solvent Degreaser

Discover the cleaning power of this amazing formula!  Using soy and citrus cleaning power without artificial fragrance or colors, acids or caustics, this solvent can dissolve wax, gum, paint, tar and adhesives.  Available in cases of twelve 32 oz. bottles.

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A powerful solvent without the toxins. Cleans, degreases and dissolves with extracts of soy and citrus. Great for garages, BBQs and much more.  Does NOT contain Phosphate, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, alcohol, butyl, glycol ether, SLES, DEA or EPA priority pollutants. No materials listed by the ACGIH as hazardous.


Ingredients:  Methyl Soyate, Methyl Oleate, Citrus Terpenes, Methyl Linoleate, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Extract, Methyl Palmitate, Methyl Stearate


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