Air Kit 3

The Air Kit 3 is manufactured for outdoor public use. This stout bike pump features Metal Head™, a strong cast aluminum pump head with Presta and Schrader valve compatibility. The waterproof PSI gauge is extremely helpful when filling up your bike tires. The pump also has a steel-reinforced air hose for added durability.

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Available in your choice of a Galvanized finish, or the following powder coated colors:  White – Black – Light Gray – Deep Red – Yellow – Bright Yellow – Orange – Beige – Iron Gray – Hunter Green – Light Green – Green – Sepia Brown – Bronze – Silver – Dark Purple – Flat Black – Wine Red.   


Stainless Steel is available by quote only.  Please call for availability and price. 


(2-3 week lead time)


For Specification tab on both:


Dero brand products are primarily fabricated from steel, a fully recyclable material.


Mild Steel Products (Galvanized or Powder Coated Finish)

Post-consumer Recycled Content = 83.6%

Pre-consumer (Post-industrial) Recycled Content = 7.8%

Home or revert scrap = 7.6%

Non-Recycled content = 1%

Total recycled content = 99%

Harvest point = Wilton, IA


Stainless Steel Products

Post-consumer Recycled Content = 75%

Pre-consumer (Post-industrial) Recycled Content = 20%

Total recycled content = 75%

Harvest point = various locations within a 1000 mile radius of Ghent, KY


Recycled Steel Products

Post-consumer Recycled Content = 84.6%

Pre-consumer (Post-industrial) Recycled Content = 4.7%

Home or revert scrap = 9.7%

Non-Recycled content = 1%

Total recycled content = 99%

Harvest point = St. Paul, MN

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