FlexStake Flat Ground Mount Post with 3M Reflective Tape.

Tube height 24" , 36" and 48" 

Available in:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
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Our FlexStake™ 24", 36" or 48" is an all weather, ground mounted highway delineator that can take up to 100 vehicular impacts at 55 mph. It is unbeatable in areas where ordinary markers suffer a high failure rate. Some FlexStake™ Posts are still in service after eight years of hard road use.

In one test, a standard FlexStake^trade; highway delineator was hit 5 times at 55 mph and then run over at 30 mph. After 308 hits, cracks appeared in the post, but it was still serviceable. Post failure did not occur until it had been run over 341 times, which is an incredible record yet to be approached by anyone else.

FlexStake™ is verifiably the only manufacturer of truly high impact markers in the world and they have the certified tests to prove it.

FlexStake™ is a color impregnated, ultraviolet stabilized, polycarbonate extrusion post resistant to 80 mph. The hinge is a high density weather polymer mechanically fastened to a patented barbed anchor that really stays in the ground. The anchor is unaffected by adverse soil conditions. Approximately 51% (by weight) is post-consumer recycled plastic.

FlexStake™ stands 24" ,36" or 48" tall with a 3" x 6" 3M® High Instensity Reflective Tape on both sides. Ground mount stake and assembly included.


Standard post colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue and Green.

Reflective colors: White, Yellow, Orange.

Other colors and sizes are available by special order. Please call for a quote.

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