The Mini WindMaster Model 4104 V4 Rolling Curb Sign

A smaller version of your favorite WindMaster Sign!

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The Mini WindMaster Model 4104 V4 Rolling Curb Sign can reinforce your marketing message from the entrance gate into the garage.

It has black molded round corners that eliminate corner points. A completely enclosed top resists moisture . The two side rails open to load and unload posters measuring 28 inches long x 22 inches wide. The top and bottom rails are stationary and cannot be kicked out of place. This aluminum curb sign flexes to withstand strong wind gusts and features tool-free assembly, dual springs, a rust resistant steel base plus a dent-resistant, fluted, polypropylene back. The sign base can be either filled with sand or water ballast. Built in wheels that tilt and roll for easy maneuvering. Top, bottom and side rail widths measure 1.75 inches.

Available in silver frame with black rounded corners for both colors

A replacement frame or base is available upon request.

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