48'' x 7'' d Gorilla Post Magnetic Bollard

Turn your 7 inch magnetic bollard into a ''Message Bollard'' by choosing a message label below! 

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Our 48" tall Gorilla Post™ Bollard with Reflective Stripes is perfect for installing highly visible temporary pathways where pedestrian walkways intersect vehicular roadways or if you want to create adjustable traffic patterns. This 7" diameter bollard can fold over 360 degrees upon impact offering excellent delineation across emergency access zones and can withstand a 15 m.p.h. impact.

The Gorilla Post Bollard locks onto an epoxied metal base plate with a magnetic pull of 380 psi.

 Each bollard is held in place by a powerful set of rare earth neodymium magnets, but can be easily removed, leaving only the ADA-compliant metal base with our ergonomic removal tool, the Post Puller or Post Puller Jr. This unit is safe for post-tensioned concrete floors.

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The complete Gorilla Post product line is available at www.GorillaPost.com.


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